At PocketLink, we are committed to providing results for our customers. We make Field Sales Reps and Delivery Drivers more effective and goal-driven with one objective: to impact your revenue and profitability.

Since 2006, we have been on a mission to deliver to suppliers in the food and beverage industry, a software solution that makes a difference.   We help our customers Field Sales Reps and Delivery Drivers stand out and triumph over their competition.

We are grateful to over 500 companies worldwide who trust us by choosing ASKI as the centerpiece of their supply chain activities. we service companies in the following verticals: Food Service and Grocery distributors; Wholesalers; Manufacturers; Importers; Specialty foods; Candies and Snacks; Bakeries, Tortilla Makers, Spirits and Alcoholic drinks, Soft Drinks; Dairy products; Ice Cream; Technical Supply and many others.

Our clients work with us because of WHAT we offer and WHO we are.


We offer 3 solution concepts:

  • ASKI SFA – A Goal-Driven Sales Management App for Presales, Trade Marketing Reps, DSD and Van Sales
  • ASKI POD – Proof of Delivery App for Presale Delivery drivers
  • ASKI TMS – Route Optimization Solution


We take pride in our:

  • Experience – Our core team has worked together for more than a decade
  • Drive – We are passionate about what we do and dedicated to  continuous innovation
  • Attentiveness – We view our clients as partners. We listen to our customers and users. We make trouble-free implementations, and we provide quality customer support

Let us make your sales grow TOGETHER.

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