Self Order

An intuitive and advanced self-ordering app
that enhances relationships and revenue.

Retailers enjoy
SELF ordering

  1. The mobile app for Self-Ordering

    With SELF ORDER, your customers will benefit from the self-ordering convenient and efficient experience, while you will experience increased revenues from the new communication channel with your customers, who are just going to love it.


    An efficient add-on that enables convenient ordering from your mobile or computer. Advanced technology to enhance the service experience and increase sales.

  3. Management portal

    The Self-Order management portal delivers a range of analysis, action, and control capabilities: Real-Time sales, customer monitoring, new prospects, campaigns management, push notifications and more.

  4. Self Order Zone

    With the Self Order Zone tool, you can push marketing content directly to the customer’s mobile phone. Videos, images, banners, promotions, push notifications and an array of additional unique features. A real tiebreaker.


    The mobile app that allows a direct real-time interaction between your representatives and your customers – a secure managed chat, view and confirm incoming orders in real time, dashboards and more.

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