The company was founded in 2005 and is currently the leading and most successful in its field, with a variety of dedicated solutions and over 600 customers worldwide. The headquarters of pocketlink company and development center operate in Israel, with offices and independent operations in the United States. Its products are marketed worldwide through two partnerships, NCR and WIZROM.

Phuketlink has 36 employees and its founders active and involved in its daily activities. The company’s approach is to create a true partnership with its customers, on a fascinating and challenging journey that lasts for many years.

pocketlink product development philosophy is based on values of innovation and simplicity. The company’s products are known to be advanced in their field, with proven successes in Europe, North and Central America, Australia and more. Each solution is tailored to the client’s needs and goals. All of the company’s products regularly receive upgrades and updates that enhance the platform capability continuously.

The advanced tools give decision makers a full and real connection to the field – LIVE – and create a variety of benefits and benefits, with high goals and a fast return on investment.

Motti Asraf

National Sales Director – Israel

Email Address:

Office: +972 (9) 8855757

Mobile: +972 (9) 8655866


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