Route planning
The ASCOMY way

Optimize your routes
with your distribution needs in mind

Ascomy is a smart and simple route optimization system.
Ascomy includes three strategic capabilities: Optimal plan of
distribution, App for the driver (Standard or D-POD) and full visibility
of the distribution progress in real-time.

Perfect route planning

ASCOMY’s planning module optimizes the distribution routes automatically. Many parameters are considered while building the routes: Navigation, traffic, date and hours, volume, weight, capacity, time windows, anchor points, restricted and toll roads, location of end point and more. With Ascomy the dispatch manager can edit the routes, add stops and check for various simulations and automated alternatives according to the distribution needs. When all is set and done, the plan is in front of you: route planning for each truck, loading details, billing data and more.

Benefits of the cloud

ASCOMY is a cloud-based system which makes the implementation process fast and cost effective:

  • Start work immediately (With excel imports)
  • No need for expensive implementation
  • No need for computing infrastructure
  • No need of IT resources to maintain the infrastructure and installs
  • Pay as you use so you can stop anytime

No matter which ERP you use – load the system into an Excel file and simply start working.

Ascomy offers a rich set of distribution reports.
Bottom line – Advanced software solution, latest technology, complete and continuous in-person service package, at a low cost with a quick Return-On-Investment.

Real-time supervision

ASCOMY dashboards are designed to keep you connected to the progress of the deliveries, pickups and other tasks. It provides real-time visibility – details, KPIs and maps.

Significant Costs saving

A cloud system without the cost of complex implementation

  • Available for almost immediate work
  • Fixed monthly payment, you can stop anytime.
  • Optional – Integration with the existing backend systems
  • Quick return on investment
  • Full control of the distribution process
  • Significant improvement in customer satisfaction

Choose your App model for
Proof of Delivery

Standard Proof of Delivery

Suitable for simple deliveries scenarios that requires a signature, timestamps, notes etc.

Detailed Proof of Delivery

Suitable for complex deliveries, pickups and payments scenarios that contain many items, totes, pallets, credits reasons, quantity adjustments, temperature reads, batches, expiration dates and more. The delivery will always end up with a signature and may print a receipt.

Optimize your routes

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A set of benefits for the distribution manager

  • Significant time reduction in creating the distribution plan
  • Optimization of distribution routes
  • Simple, efficient and fast loading planning
  • Significant reduction in delivery time
  • Full control and visibility from planning to execution
  • Management of the distribution fleet while staying in full control of the tasks
  • Make changes and provide solutions in real time
  • REAL TIME SUPERVISION DESHBOARD (Including details, maps and KPIs)
  • Display the driver’s performance in real time, until delivery is confirmed by the customer

Economic benefits to
the organization

  • Significant reduction in planning time
  • Significant reduction in delivery time
  • Significant savings in operating costs (reduction of mileage, fuel expenses)
  • Significant savings in drivers’ working hours
  • Increase in customer satisfaction by receiving accurate deliveries on time

Benefits for the driver

  • Friendly and simple app
  • Work plan
  • Real-time alerts
  • Less road time
  • Stick to the plan for a pleasant and smooth day

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